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Please see below Frequently Asked Questions regarding the DVIR application:

Q - What does DVIR stand for?

A - Driver Vehicle Inspection Report.

Q - What does IANA's DVIR application do?

The DVIR application provides access to pertinent information via IANA's UIIA, IDD and GIER programs necessary to complete the DVIR under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  

Q - Are my drivers required to report a DVIR on equipment?

A - Part 396, Section 396.11 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations states that drivers must prepare a DVIR at the completion of each day's work and shall submit those reports to the Motor Carrier upon his/her return to their home terminal.  Click here to see the FMCSA regulation 396.11.  

Q - Is there a cost for a Motor Carrier to use the DVIR Application?

A - If your company is simply using the DVIR Web Portal to submit DVIRs then there is no charge to do so.  However, if your company is a Facility Operator or  IEP that wishes IANA to handle the processing of the DVIRs then there are quarterly fees for these services.  See DVIR Fee Schedule

Q- What type of defects is the driver supposed to check for when reporting a DVIR?

A - There are nine roadability defects (RCDs)  that the driver should report on for the DVIR.  The RCDs are as follows along with the two digit code assigned to each RCD:  

01 - Brakes

02 - Lights

03 - Wheel

04 - Air Line

05 - Coupling

06 - Frame

07 - Bolster

08 - Fastener

09 - Slider

00 - No Defect


Q - What do I need to do to register to use IANA's DVIR application?

A - See below links for how each type of user can register to use IANA's DVIR application:

Intermodal Equipment Providers 

Motor Carriers 

Facility Operators/Maintenance & Repair Vendors 

Access the GIER Application

Access GIER Online Public Inquiry

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